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hot and bothered today....
Somedays a girl just feels kinda slutty like... not that Im a slut just have urges sometimes that I cant control.. and when your solo it makes it miserable!! Anyone willing to help?? Im more submissive in nature and love a sensually aggressive manly man around my age!!

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I am looking for someone to get together with on occasion....to share conversations with, share some fun on the town, enjoy intense and mind blowing sex....so long as it's "mutual"...... Highly sexy lady ...with an erotic side....won't disappoint... [...]

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megant / Black / BBW – 21
Expired ad. Please do not contact! Hey I am a megan/Black/ BBW and I am just bored... I should be sleep... Just seeing if anyone else is out there in no sleep land. Any questions... Feel free to send an email....

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Galleria Gloryhole at ya who dot cum
Hey all you sexy guyz out there......i have a hot sexy scene here with me and my gloryhole,,,,,,,,like the boyz with big ones for sure,,,,,,,,if that's you then send me a pic of your big one for an interview,,,,,,,,,me: sexy,,,smart with big full lip [...]

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Constant Craving
I crave a man who can invite me into his home, place me on his sofa, put a drink into my hand and kiss my lips and neck for hours. Once my head starts swirling with desire to serve, he will promptly call it a night and send me into the night, throbbing ..... longing. There will be times he will tell me I'm not allowed to touch myself, and while I will obey, I will think of nothing but giving into my desire, fantasizing about him and what it would be like to serve him. He will call me days later and tell me to cum for him on the phone. I will battle though my anger of no contact coupled with my shyness of exposure, and oblige. All the while wishing he would take me and make me his. I moan lustily for him and admit to being his slut when he asks. I hate that word and he knows it.I desire and respect a man who doesn't paw at me at every opportunity. Rather, his touch is deliberate, calculated and meant to increase my longing and submissiveness. He is as hungry as I, but he can wait for me to come to him because he knows I can't help myself since I long for him constantly.A man who can stare into my eyes with his hand placed firmly around my neck while he is fucking me deeply. He wont let me look away or hide from him when he asks who owns me. I will struggle with the answer and eventually gasp "you do .." under his weight and dominance. I will be ashamed of this omission and knowing this, he will hold me afterwards and tell me what a good girl I am. He will take me on a sexual adventures and forms of discipline that question my sexual servitude and require my obedience. Eventually, we may watch each other with other partners, however, the bond that we share together will be ours and ours alone. He will know how to dominate me and keep me in the sexually submissive role that I long to perform.Single, white, 40, no kids, non-smoker, no drugs (no 420), BBW. Please be single, in between your late 30's and early 50's, live along the Peninsula or in San Francisco. I am looking for something specific and I can't imagine that a search like this will be an easy one. If he post is still up, I am still looking.