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lonely mom – 34
Hi. I am looking to chat about so me of my secrets and indiscretions. Just looking to get things off my chest.

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In which intimate positions does a woman feel the most pleasure?

Woman doesn't work like a ticket machine. So if you choose a certain position and massage in the right place, she gets aroused and cums - that's not true. Whether the woman's desire is aroused depends on the nature of the man. An unmanly guy, giggling and insecure, could do anything with the Kama Sutra and still only bother her with it. A confident and dominant man, on the other hand, can do practically nothing wrong. She adapts to him as a matter of course, because she is aroused by every look, every touch, every action and in every position of him.
So probing and asking is futile for any man she doesn't respect. It's not necessary for the man she respects.

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Believe me when I'm saying I'm a true expert of causing pleasure to people. I am glad if I can learn new tricks, though. Got anything up Your sleeves ?

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Do some men like overweight women?

Certainly. And some women like fat men. Some men like blonde women, some like brunette women, some like women with red hair... And some women like men with beards, others without. One woman likes men with chest hair, the next doesn't. And then there are still a lot of people who aren't so fixated on appearances, and they like people if they're friendly, smart, polite and the like.

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down to go down ? take II
idk why my last post got flagged, but im gonna try this 1 last time. im 100% real. gabby douglas won gymnastics gold last night. im simply lookin for a guy who genuinly love to give head. age & race aren't very important. just be sane, clean, & re [...]

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Rage Out In The Bedroom !
My laptop was stolen and my car broken down today. I can't believe that this happened to me and I need to get some rage out in the bedroom. I just need a big fat cock to ram my asshole tonight and make this day a little better


How would young women like to be addressed by a man?

- "Excuse me, do you know if this train goes to the main station?"
- "Hey! You just accidentally lost something. Here."
- "May I ask you to take a picture of me and my friends?"
- "I only want to buy two items and I'm in a hurry. Would you mind letting me go first?"
- "Excuse me, would you have a handkerchief for me?"
- "Nice haircut!" *continues*
- "Hey, I've read that book too! What do you think of the reasoning in the second chapter?"
- "The tickets please!"
- "Caution! Dog poop!"
Does not fit:
all of the above if not authentic but just an excuse to start a conversation
- "Hello Beautiful Woman!"
- "Have you got two euros?"
- "Would you like to have a drink with me?"
- "And do you come here often? What are you doing?"
- "I have good news about Jesus Christ!"
Absolutely not possible:
- "But why not? What's so bad about that?"