Do women fantasize about men as much as men fantasize about women?

Posted on the 17th of March 2021

I see only two possible reasons for this contrast between the number of interested parties, and the number of responses:

1) 47 men want to know if women are way more vicious than they appear.

2) Some women are in the lot, and want to know if other women "think like them".

I will try to burst the abscess: Yes, ladies, I know that many of you have fantasies. Between the urges for your man to start foreplay with someone other than you, then you take over to show the "intruder" who the dominant is, between the bondage-style urges, the desire for your sweetheart to have you take that evening like a beast, the desires much more shameful and so on: the list is long... I want to remind you this ladies:

a) You are human.

By "You are human" I mean that, like us men, you are not always in control of the thoughts that go through your head. You too have the right to want to change your kama sutra position, to be dominant this time around, or, on the other hand, to be even more submissive than usual. You have the right to want your sweetheart to grab you by the hair and whisper junk in your ear from time to time. And no, it's not your fault that you had some unhealthy thoughts looking at that new co-worker, or that stranger across the street. Remember that we are partially animals. In fact, we are an evolved version of animals, to be more correct.

There is a huge step between having desires and giving in to them. Dreaming about McDonald's is not going to make you gain kilocalories overnight.

In my dreams, I once found myself kissing a Thai woman in her 50s and then discussing with her what strategy to take to prevent her son, who is barely younger than me, from knowing about our story. Looool, I can tell you that that day, my waking up was very weird!

Does that mean I'm going to settle down with a 50-year-old Thai woman? No (well, she was seriously cute, but still what mdrrrr!)

If I had to start something with all the women my brain has fantasized about… Damn, my love life would be a real tsunami.

b) You have a vagina and the hormones that go with it.

Ah well, for once, it would be fun for us guys to judge you while we struggle with our own impulses, mash pur! I am in a good position to know what it feels like to suffer your own desires, without wanting to. It makes you wonder if they are really ours in the end, and if we are really in charge.


How do I know you have lots of fantasies? Simple: I have grown up and lived with women all my life. After a while, they let go loool (Alala, the stack of files stored in my head is almost XP heavy)!


I realize that society judges a lot, especially women. You are supposed to be straight, "responsible all the time", but at the same time to be "relaxed", to be funny but not overly funny, to be exemplary, but not stuck, to be gentle, but not naive, to be frank. , but not brutal, in short: everything and its opposite. We also have this type of problem, and that is also why I understand you. Just know that you don't have to be ashamed of having cravings. We all have to negotiate with our body, on a daily basis, and sometimes, it's the most animal part of our brain that has the upper hand, that's how it is.


I understand that you are not speaking, and I understand your fear of judgment at this level. I just wanted you to know that having ulterior motives doesn't make you unworthy women, it just makes you: women ...

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