Is it good to be "friends" with your ex who left you?

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Opinion 1:

Hmm… .. the notion of good and bad. .. I think it's entirely up to you. Depending on the relationship you had especially if you were friends for a while before you fell in love. When it comes to feelings I don't think anyone can tell you what's good to do or not. You need to ask yourself the right questions.

Do you think you are strong enough to know him/her in another relationship or even to meet him/her from time to time with his / her new partner?

Wouldn't your new/new partner hurt?

Won't the memories haunt you?


Personally, I don't really have a hard time having a good relationship with an ex because for me you have to go through this to really heal from this separation, especially if it was painful in the sense that it was he who made me feel quits. From there to be a friend, again it's a personal choice. What if it's a mistake? Well, you will know it because you will have learned for yourselves.

Make a choice based on how you feel.

Opinion 2:

Especially not!

The first and most serious problem is jealousy of the newcomer; he/she is able to leave you without warning because their doubt is perfectly legitimate.

So complete break!

Just a minimum to manage possible children ...

Conclusion: in the context of a sudden break-up, friendship makes no sense

Opinion 3:

I continued more than friendly relations with my ex until the situation became untenable because it was risky, and there, without remorse, and without qualms, it became the bare minimum!

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