What are the signs that a husband is cheating on his wife?

Updated on the 7th of November 2022

When you have doubts, it is because you instinctively detect the following signs or in any case signs which are similar to them.

He has changed physically

You need to look at her clothes and pick up some clues that might help you. For example, a persistent feminine scent, traces of lipstick, or long hair that is regularly found on her clothes can be evidence of infidelity. Of course, you should not stop at the smallest detail and fall into paranoia when you find a hair different from yours on his shirt. Of course, some physical signs are much more subtle than these. Moreover, an unfaithful man tends to take precautions and make sure to erase all physical evidence of his act. It is therefore impossible to draw a conclusion after simply checking his clothes.

He is frequently absent from the marital home

Know that a regular absence of your boyfriend and your husband can hide infidelity.

Indeed, your man will tend to devote more time to his mistress rather than to you. He will therefore not hesitate to be regularly absent from the marital home, without any real reason and sometimes even without telling you when he will be back to school. Such behavior is most often synonymous with infidelity. And when you try to find out why he is away so often and so late, he will certainly find an excuse that you cannot dispute.

Many unfaithful men evoke a very heavy workload, others unforeseen meetings or even justify themselves thanks to a sporting and/or artistic activity to be able to spend time with their mistresses. Don't take the reasons given by your man at face value. From the moment I wonder how to know if he is cheating on me, I have to dig a minimum to find out the truth.

He doesn't pay you the same attention as before

Some signs are easily detectable. His heart is elsewhere and this is particularly felt when you spend moments alone. He seems bored, his eyes are vague and he doesn't care what you tell him. He is less focused on your happiness and your well-being, he daydreams and speaks to you only briefly and out of necessity. Even when you try to reach him by phone or message his behavior towards you has changed. He is not quick to reply to you by message, even ends up forgetting or telling himself that it is not an emergency and that it can always wait. On the phone, he answers you briefly and doesn't linger.

Lack of desire and passion: a sign of infidelity

A couple without passion is doomed to failure. When I wonder how to know if he is cheating on me, then it is only natural that I take into account the sexual desire and the passion he feels for me.

Lack of passion is not only visible in bed and through sex. We can also observe a lack of passion on a daily basis. Indeed, if your man is unfaithful, you will quickly notice that he kisses you automatically and without really wanting to. No more caresses, hugs, and tender gestures that you were used to.


Mistrust and caution at all times

For example, your boyfriend or husband may have put a code on their phone, or they may keep it silent all the time when they haven't done so before. This change in behavior is not trivial.

In addition, your man is distant and avoids communicating with you as much as possible. You become strangers to each other and you end up not confiding in each other. For example, if you ask him how his day at work was, your man may be evasive and very general. He's not going to dwell on details or even anecdotes like he did before. He will sometimes hesitate, be confused and flee your gaze.

He is always on the defensive

A man's infidelity also has a negative impact on the relationship between the couple. Indeed, an unfaithful husband or boyfriend will always be on the defensive and will tend to overwhelm you with blame. He will get angry for no good reason, lose his temper very easily and blame you for anything and everything.

In other words, your man will anticipate the fact that you will ask him more or less intrusive questions. Unconsciously, it closes in on itself and prevents you from entering its privacy.

Do I have to search my phone to find out if it's cheating on me?

I do not recommend this method if your suspicions are still very slight. Digging into your man's phone is invading his privacy and running the risk of him finding out. Faithful or not, your husband or boyfriend certainly won't appreciate being spied on and "spied on" in this way. He will interpret this as a lack of confidence on your part.

Observe social networks

To know if your man is cheating on you, sometimes you just have to follow him diligently on social networks. You can't have access to his computer or phone, but you can still observe him through his social media posts.

Bluff to achieve your ends

For that, there is a magic sentence that will allow you to know the truth: "I know that you are cheating on me but I love you so I want to save our couple". Thus, you show that you love him enough to forgive him for his infidelity while throwing a paving stone in the pond.

If you're right about his infidelity, you'll easily notice: he'll be embarrassed, surprised, and maybe even get angry with you to hide the panic. On the other hand, if your accusation is false, you will only receive incomprehension in return.

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