What are the signs that indicate the end of a long-standing love affair is over? - 2 part

Posted on the 17th of March 2021

1. You don't fight anymore

If you don't argue but wonder if your story is dead, then it's over.

The simple reason is this...

If you are still fighting with your partner (in a healthy way), it is a sign that you are both invested enough to care.

When you stop arguing and have simply conceded defeat on important matters, it is a sign that you or your partner has mentally left the relationship and you don't believe it is worth it ... because. that anyway, it's gonna be over.

That doesn't mean you should fight regularly.

It just means that if there's a reason to fight but neither of you is ready to speak up, it's a sign that things are about to end.

2. You don't respect each other

If you and your partner don't respect each other, your story is long over.

Respect is more important than love in a long-term relationship.

The feeling of love comes and goes.

There will be days when you feel loved and days when you feel listless.

But if you don't respect who your partner is and what they stand for, your relationship is as good as it is dead.

3. You love yourself, but you are not "in love" (and you haven't been in a while)

Like I just said, love is a feeling that comes and goes.

But here is the market ...

If you love your partner but haven't loved them for 6 months or more, this is a sign that it's time to end things.

Your brain will make you fall in love with your partner for a short period of time so that you can accurately assess whether or not they are suitable as a partner.

However, if this period of being "for love" lasts longer than 6 months, it is a good sign that your relationship is over.

4. You are not physically intimate

If you're not having sex, you are glorified roommates.

It is clear and simple.

The ONLY difference between a close friend and a close partner is physical intimacy.

Sure, you might not be living with your best friend, but the differences are pretty minimal outside of the physical connection.

If you haven't had sex in months (or years), maybe it's time to cut your losses and move on.

5. You don't WANT the relationship to continue

While all of the above could be a sign that a relationship is coming to an end, the ONLY sure sign that you should break up with your partner is that you no longer have the DESIRE to make things work.

You don't want the relationship to continue.

You are ready to ride solo or go to greener pastures.

It doesn't matter if this is how you feel.

But this is by far the MOST definitive sign that your relationship is dead.

I hope this will help you.

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