Do women prefer a rich man or a man who really loves them?

Posted on the 22nd of February 2021 Rich man that prefered by lonely single women

A rich man who really loves them.

A woman needs to feel loved: She needs emotional security to invest in the relationship entirely. Sadly, love doesn't pay the bills. And even beyond the financial question, the passion goes out after a while, a woman can love you for a long time, and then routine and reality will come and reset the counters to 0. The one who does not t the love to offer a woman is tough, in the medium / long term anyway. Rich men attract and will always draw women whether you like it or not. A woman will always give importance to the gentleman's wallet. And there is nothing wrong with that, and it is a biological limit. We are animals, after all.

Let me explain. Let us go back a few centuries. Previously, women looked for the most muscular men to reproduce and ensure the best genes for their offspring. And despite centuries of evolution, the codes of desire and attraction have not changed except on a minor point. Today, it is no longer physical strength that comes into play but rather a man's social status. A man of a high social level is a man who has succeeded in ensuring his survival and is well placed to ensure that of his descendants.

Rich men have a relatively high social status and stand out from other men. They are men who have managed to get by in a reasonably competitive environment, and that is what is attractive. In the end, it's not so much the fact that they are materially rich that attracts women, but rather the fact that these men reek of success. And that is attractive! I'm not saying that women see it all, but to say that women don't care about the financial side would be hypocritical.

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