What are the signs that point to the end of a long-standing love affair?

Posted on the 17th of March 2021

Signs of rupture in a woman: how to recognize them?

The signs of rupture are not always obvious to recognize in a woman.

This is mainly due to the fact that most couples hide their face when it comes to their situation.

A denial that leaves many men stunned when they finally realize that their wife wants to leave them.

But very often, by then, it is already too late to react.

Here are some things to help you recognize the signs of a breakup in your relationship as early as possible.

Signs of rupture in a man: the same as in a woman?

It is always said that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.

And it is true that the differences in behavior between men and women are often noticeable.

So are the signs of rupture in a man the same as in a woman?

This is an important question, the answer of which can help to better perceive the signs of rupture.

A priori, these signs are relatively similar, whether in a man or a woman.

It seems that everyone reacts the same way at this level.

Now that the basics are in place, let's move on to the actual signs of a breakup.

What if we started by looking at arguments within a couple?

Too many arguments in the couple: an evocative sign?

All couples argue it's inevitable and intrinsic to life together.

And contrary to popular belief, this is not necessarily a sign of poor health for the couple.

It is true that some couples argue a lot more than others, sometimes even every day.

But that doesn't prevent them from loving each other, and from not considering living one without the other for all that.

So should we interpret incessant conflicts as a sign of rupture?

I would say it depends a lot on the situation.

If two people who never had an argument start yelling at each other on a daily basis, that's a pretty bad sign.

Ditto for a couple used to arguments, but who enter into conflict more and more often and more and more violently for trifles.

That said, we often hear that arguing is proof of love.

A belief fueled by the fact that an arguing couple is a proof that each cares about the other.

I would say that, again, it all depends on the situation.

What is certain, however, is that indifference is a rather alarming sign of rupture.

Indifference: a bad omen

Over time, a certain distance can sometimes set in within a couple.

Nothing serious, as long as we know how to meet regularly.

The danger arises when this distance turns into indifference.

Nothing worse than a man who no longer pays attention to his wife, and vice versa.

Indifference means that the other gradually lose importance in our eyes.

To the point that we sometimes surprise ourselves imagining our life without him.

Basically, his absence doesn't make us hot or cold, and we don't miss him when he's not around.

If you get to this point, you should react quickly and make some rules to save your relationship...

Because indifference is really one of the most obvious signs of rupture, and the most serious.

Two visions of the future that differ

It is often the direct consequence of the indifference that gradually creeps into the couple.

Don't we say that to love is to look together in the same direction?

You will say that I am abusing quotes and other rosewater maxims, but it remains very true.

And if a different vision of the future is not necessarily prohibitive at the beginning of a relationship, things get complicated when the relationship lasts.

It is indeed difficult to calmly envisage a lasting relationship with two diametrically opposed visions of the future.

If you can't conceive of life without a child and she doesn't want to hear about it, for example, you might have a hard time getting along over time.

And it is the same for all the projects supposed to be common to the couple.

So don't overlook this sign of an impending breakup.

Attraction to someone else, the worst sign of breaking up

Of all the signs of a breakup, this is perhaps the most predictive of imminent separation.

Because it means that the attraction that united you and kept you together is no longer there.

And even worse, that you or your wife are now attracted to someone else.

That is, anything that got you together is potentially going to lead you to infidelity.

Although, of course, you can't really talk about infidelity as long as it's just an attraction.

But from the moment we feel more attracted to someone other than to our partner, there is a concern in the couple.

The problem is, the more you are attracted to someone else, the more you become indifferent to your partner.

And the more indifferent you are to your partner, the more likely you are to be attracted to someone else.

A real vicious circle, which is extremely difficult to break.

But in the face of this obvious sign of rupture, it is fortunately possible to react before it is too late.

What to do when you recognize a sign of a breakup?

After this deluge of bad news, it's time to bring back the sun.

Fortunately, it's almost always possible to turn things around when you see one of these signs of a relationship breakup.

On the other hand, success will depend on how quickly you react.

Because all these signs of rupture that I have just told you about are more or less serious.

If you've noticed that your wife has been chatting with another man for three months, you may have a hard time holding her back.

Save his couple cannot be done by snapping your fingers.

Signs of rupture in a woman must already be clearly identified.

And once you spot one, I can only encourage you to do what is necessary as soon as possible.

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