Why is a woman's breast size so important to men?

Posted on the 22 of February 2021 Lonely seductive girl with wonderful breasts

Breasts give a man a feeling of security, pleasure, comfort, and arouse them like nothing else. They make them want to have more. They love to suck on the nipples and the flesh of the breasts. The feeling of burying their faces in the soft flesh gives them the impression of being captivated by the pleasure that I give them (yes, I have been lucky to be with men from several countries). Big, muscular men literally act like babies in front of them. The best part is that men often want to fall asleep with their faces buried between their breasts (yes, I'm talking about men over six feet tall, under six feet tall, hunks and nerds, all the same!)

Another thing that I have seen that they like is squeezing the breasts during orgasm or intercourse, while the woman is in the high position (the lady can either be facing him or facing him ). Either of these positions gives it easy access, it doesn't matter if it's smaller or bigger, stronger or weaker. The only point is that during this action sometimes it is impossible to maintain control of the grip and you risk bruising the woman (yes, she will find out later, and she may not be able to wear low or V neck tops for weeks).

The larger the breasts, the more contact surface they have with the face and body, which makes them more exciting. I also think the fact that women are horny and moan with big breasts is very appealing to men compared to women with smaller breasts. Plus, it's what they can stroke in the blink of an eye when they don't have time to go all the way, say when they leave for the office!

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