What does it mean for a man to look at another woman while he is with his partner?

Posted on the 17th of March 2021

We necessarily dive directly into a very graduated and nuanced debate on politeness, gallantry, machismo, objectification, respect, loyalty, and so on, with such a question.

But in itself, that means everything and saying nothing at the same time.

The question seems to suggest that there is something "objectionable", strange, or disturbing about this.

But if this man didn't look at women, how could he have seen his girlfriend initially?

And is it really expected to block the physiological process of sight and visual stimuli in this man?

Does just staring at another woman for a little too long instantly take away all the love, affection, complicity, esteem, and attraction a man can have for his girlfriend?

Of course not, and that seems a bit ubiquitous to me.

Afterward, of course, this answer seems to excuse a certain form of rudeness, disrespect, and very heavy machismo, which would consist in throwing in the face of the girlfriend that the man "is a guy, therefore he watches women, that is. 'that's how it is normal and then that's it ".

No, if the man is an asshole, he's an asshole, that doesn't change a thing.

On the other hand, it seems to me that it would be better to move the subject.

What does it mean if a man looks at another woman? Nothing.

The real question is, why wouldn't the man and his girlfriend watch this woman together, instead?

Even if it means finding her cute, attractive, funny, with a very ugly nose or whatever and reason why this man could look at this woman, but in a healthier relationship where we take into account the fact that we are all human beings, full of spontaneity and curiosity for the world around us?

Personally, I prefer to discuss the magnificent buttocks of Ryan Goslin with my partner, and that she does not care a little to see me consider with tenderness the masterful breast of any other woman.

Because after all, we are not going to die of it, and I prefer to share our complicity of licensed rascal and naughty.

But hey, after that, you do what you want with it, eh? ;)

Conclusion: Breath out, relax, and try to build relationships that are a little healthier and less impossibly strict unless you are truly masochistic.

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