What are the signs that a woman is flirting with you?

Posted on the 22nd of February 2021
Updated on the 14nd of November 2022 Flirting woman in the lift seeking one night stand

It is often said that women have a form of passive seduction. However, this is not entirely true. Women know very well how to make it understood when they want a man. They send out subtle signals that do not go unnoticed by a seasoned seducer.

So let's try to detail these signs of seduction:

She actively participates in the conversation.

She reopens the conversation if necessary. A girl who isn't really interested in you will take advantage of a white moment in interaction to get her feet wet.

She laughs at your jokes.

Even the most rotten ones. You know these jokes, which ring false and do not have the desired effect. Those jokes were hilarious when you repeated them in your mind before you put them out but once outside didn't turn out to be up to your humor. Well, this girl laughs at these jokes, it's crazy, isn't it?

She tries to stay close to you.

That is to say that she is not afraid to be 30 cm from you when you are talking, she always seeks this proximity. A girl who is not interested will always maintain a certain distance from you so that she can run away if necessary.

She keeps intense eye contact.

She has that glint in her eyes when she looks at you, you know what I'm talking about? She doesn't look away from you and when she does, it's after a good while, and that's because you confuse and intimidate her with your confidence not to shy away from those intense eye contact.

She uses a weapon of mass seduction.

It's touch. Women know how to touch us very subtly without it passing for perversity or anything else... A man is more clumsy at this level, only good seducers know how to touch a woman rather subtly. Touch is a very powerful weapon. It creates powerful sexual tension. She subtly touches your forearm as you have a good laugh together after a good rotten joke.

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