What's the dirtiest thing you wanted to do to your loved one but are afraid to ask?

Posted on the 17th of March 2021

First I want to clear things up. THERE IS NOTHING DIRTY when you have sex. There are only fantasies to achieve together and please your partner. Because many have not understood it (and then wonder without understanding why they are bad moves and why we want to avoid them), being a good shot is above all the pleasure of giving pleasure to the other.

Once I was chatting with my best friend in a cafe around a table, telling her why little Asians were extremely popular with men and considered delicious treats with their tight pussies, so a priority target in nightclubs and after, and I also told him that my girlfriend of the moment had just shoved a banana in my anus and that she had a good time doing it. The people around me (though even young people) seemed very interested and shocked at the same time as the conversation.

Generally speaking, some personals always have a broom in their anus. Sex, even in the 21st century when you have all the freedom you want, is a huge taboo. And this even within a couple. Moreover, it is very evident since all the friends that I had followed on their ass plans, 90% of the request were all married men who wanted to stay with their wives, but who obviously got pissed off like no other possible, and which justified their research all in the same way so as not to have too many questions on the subject: "my wife is not naughty enough in bed."

We are in a society where people choose someone with whom they know full well that they are going to get pissed off after a few years. All this to play it safe and be sure to have children. When we get together with a woman who is stuck in bed and who does the missionary blow to us in bed only once or twice a month, we know that won't change afterward. And vice versa for a man who does not know how to make a woman come.

I remember that at one point I had just met a woman in her forties who had just left her boyfriend, after 4 years of living together, with whom she was obviously very bored. They hardly ever made love. As a result, when I met her, we did it 5 times between Saturday night and Sunday, and then we toured about 10 times a week. We did just about EVERYTHING we could do about sex. She enjoyed it a lot and even discovered a "fountain woman" (which she had never discovered before). But what is especially serious is that she did with me, that she had known for a week, very sexual things that she never did with her ex, that she had known for 4 years.

Many say that the main thing in a relationship is to support each other and be there for each other, and that sex is incidental. For me, it's the opposite. Sex and fantasies are personal and important. It's part of you.

You have a lot of people who get uncomfortable once in bed, don't play games at all, want to preserve themselves, and allow themselves to be judged or criticized for what you want to do. Hence the fear often of not sharing, for fear of being judged. If you don't feel comfortable talking to someone about your fantasies, then obviously you're not with the right person.

For me, the perfect harmony is to share everything with the spouse. Forget this false notion of dirty. Take it as a game and as a sharing. My wife comes on average 3 times when we have sex, and we share everything. I asked her to give me a titjob with her beautiful breasts and also to suck me and swallow my cum in the mouth, she does it without a problem and with pleasure. I put my fingers in her anus regularly. I'm also a good foot fetishist and she also does some foot jobs for me. We have a bond in everyday life that we find as well in cuddles as in a bed. I do whatever it takes to give her maximum pleasure and she does the same. This is how a couple works and never gets tired. And I do


As I have already said, a woman has more powerful but very contextual orgasms, much more complicated to have, but on the other hand with many factors that can limit its occurrence! A woman, therefore, has every interest in always getting together with a guy who makes her feel a very powerful love and who will make her shiver and wet at the slightest caress.

A man has every interest in choosing a woman who brings him REAL satisfaction on a sexual level with a listening and open attitude. Getting together with someone just for the sake of safety and having children is easy, on the other hand, if it is for later to go look for the fantasy elsewhere because you will not have dared to share it with your wife who is too stuck in bed, no interest ...

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