How to satisfy a woman who asks too much?

Posted on the 22 of February 2021 Lovely woman who speaks too much

First of all, it would be necessary to define what "too much" means and to which area of ​​life its expectations refer.

Is she asking for affection, attention, time, more communication, more sex or more gifts?

Indeed, one cannot give everything permanently to his wife, one cannot be efficient all the time or be in total symbiosis with her.

But ask yourself why you can't meet their expectations.

What is it that for you is "too much"?

Do you feel suffocated? Do you think you are not "up to it" to fill it?

Do you not, or more, want to satisfy his requests?

In any case, I would say that you have to talk and talk above all with your other half. Find out what is behind his complaints. By talking, you will better understand what bothers her.

If her love is a priority for you, just understanding her will make things easier and everything will happen naturally.

It is also up to her to understand why some of these things are difficult to give to you.

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