Fall in love while in a relationship with another person

Posted on the 26-th of January 2021 girl falls in love while in a relationship with another person

I had been in a relationship for two years, and we lived together and had plans. One Thursday in July, a supplier with whom we work came. I already knew him. But I felt something strange that day. Then we started to text more and more. I had this powerful desire to see him again. Every morning before going to work, I took care to choose my clothes well, to prepare myself well by telling myself that if he came, I had to be the most beautiful in his eyes. I didn't want to please the one who had shared my life for two years, but this supplier I barely knew.

3 weeks later. It was my first day of vacation. My partner was not yet. I decided to see this supplier one afternoon. I wasn't comfortable with the idea, but at the same time, it was out of control. Everything was revealed in me: I was no longer in love. We had been together for two years, but I was bored. My projects with this man were indeed present but why? To fit into the mold and be like everyone else. A spouse, a house, classic life projects. There was no magic above all, I was with him by default, to appear to others as someone stable. But there was no more love.

That same evening, I took my courage in both hands and ended this relationship. I took my car and I joined this supplier with whom it was so funny and so light. I no longer wanted to torture my mind having to have a tidy life like everyone else. I wanted to enjoy, not to project myself years later.

We went on vacation together on a whim for a few days. Again, for me, it was “just for the holidays”. I didn't believe in us. I no longer want to ask myself, I wanted to find myself. And then, 10 years apart, he had two children, it was the unknown. But I got caught at my own game and fell in love. Because he was different from the others. His age and maturity particularly attracted me. Her kids were awesome. And life was full of beautiful surprises, and today we've been together for over a year. We don't have long term projects, but short term yes. So, no pressure, no fuss, and no regrets if anything happens. I live in the present moment. I have never regretted my choice, it is what I needed.

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Fall in love while in a relationship with another person
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