What do you like most about a woman?

Posted on the 17th of March 2021

Recently I fell under the spell of a girl. For me, she has everything that I like physically. I have no demanding criteria, far from it, but it is beautiful, it is unanimous.

When I look at my cat (the animal isn't it), strangely I have the impression of seeing her face, wide-open eyes, a facies between cute and grace, and like a slight charming smile ...

She is intelligent, and worst of all, it seems to me that she is sensitive but does not admit it. Finally, it feels, but not for her. It's almost one more reason to love him.

A woman, unlike men, has a "feminine" side. Not femininity, but as something extra. Aside from sex, that's how I recognize a woman. And this thing there, it melts me. Like when this girl told me she didn't feel anything for anyone when the time I told her she made me happy, was all embarrassed and had her doe eyes. What I find exceptional is what they don't know. What they don't know they are or have. It's that side, that extra thing. I believe in the end that what we call flirting is to find this thing there and that this girl accepts it.

But that's just my point of view, almost metaphysical in a sense ...

At the end of the story, I agreed that we don't give each other any more news. My “theory” may not be good after all…


Several things can be particularly attractive.

On the personality side, kindness is a must for me to be deeply drawn. A real kindness, which applies to everyone. In my eyes, it implies tolerance and open-mindedness. Showing kindness to certain people (family, friends, etc.) to the detriment of others is behavior that I dislike, that seems worrying, unhealthy.

Sweetness is also a quality that speaks to me a lot. By that, I mean the absence of aggression, dialogue rather than conflict.

Another good quality is alertness.

The physical, of course. I am particularly sensitive to light eyes. Black or brown eyes can be pretty, but I find nothing beats very light green, or blue, eyes. A healthy, slim body is of course very attractive, especially when accompanied by harmonious curves - all men appreciate it of course.

One last thing that attracts me: a very feminine voice. I can't say precisely what I mean by that - other than that it's a voice that sounds in the highs rather than the lows, obviously, but it's more complex than that, it's mostly a range that evokes irresistibly a woman.

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